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This program is sponsored in part by a grant from the Ilinois Arts Council

Our Repertoire

Escape to…Blue Skies– March 2013

  1. National Weather Forecast, Henry Mollicone
  2. The Shower, Edward Elgar, Henry Vaughan
  3. Come in from the Rain, Melissa Manchester & Carol Bayer Sager, Arranged by Mac Huff
  4. The Voice of the Rain, Stephen Chatman, Walt Whitman
  5. Soon It’s Gonna Rain, Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt, Arranged by Kirby Shaw, From The Fantasticks
  6. Summer Song, Antonin Dvorak
  7. I Been in the Storm so Long, Traditional Spiritual, Arranged by Vicki Tucker Courtney
  8. We Welcome Summer, Clare Maclean, Michael Leunig
  9. As Torrents in Summer, Edward Elgar, From King Olaf
  10. Fire and Rain, James Taylor, Arranged by Philip Lawson
  11. Blue Skies, Irving Berlin, From Betsy, Arranged by Deke Sharon
  12. Weather Report, Bob Chilcott, Traditional Rhymes
  13. Foggy Dew, Old Irish Melody, A.P. Graves, Arranged by Charles Villiers Stanford
  14. Put, Vejini, Latvian Seafarer’s Song, (Blow, Winds), Arranged by Imant Raminsh
  15. A Rainy Day, Greg Bartholomew, John Brainard
  16. Swansea Town, English Folk Song, Arranged by Gustav Holst
  17. When Storms Arise, Adolphus Hailstork, Paul Lawrence Dunbar
  18. Written on a Rainy Night, Chen Yi, Li Shangyin
    Yver, Vous n’Estes Qu’un Villain, Claude Debussy, Charles D’Orleans, From Trois Chansons 
  19. Not a Cloud in Yonder West, Mary Travers, Emily Han
  20. Winter Sky, David Lantz III, Linda Marcus
  21. Snow, Irving Berlin, From White Christmas, Arranged by Victoria L. Linich
  22. The Choir in the Rain, David Solomons